SRP Studios Logo

A logo designed for SRP Studios. The company outside of its local area is referred to as just SRP. SRP is a podcast production agency based near Memphis, Tennessee, and was a significant stepping stone in my career.

SRP T-Shirt Mockup Polo Shirt Mockup

I've developed their website by code, first creating mockups to better visualize it with the owner, Derrick Michaud. Together, we designed and altered the branding as we both saw fit.

Mockup for Webpage Mockup for Webpage
An intro created for one of our produced podcasts, Podlogix. One of the four background color would cycle every episode.

I had many tasks while working for SRP. Some involved creating podcast cover designs for clients. Below are only some of the Podcast Cover designs I created while freelancing at the agency.

Cover Art for The Rhythm Section Podcast (TRS) Cover Art for One Light Byhalia Cover Art for Driven to Compete Cover Art of The DeSoto Vangaurds

What I've showcased here doesn't scratch the surface of my work for SRP and its clients; In addition to designing logos and brand guidelines, I created marketing brochures, social media posts, video assets, merchandise designs, and more.

See more podcast cover designs.

Instagram reels asset An Instagram reel asset. A design for a foam board at a ribbon cutting event A design for a foam board. It's purpose was to give attendees at a ribbon cutting event a way to scan and go to a linktree of the podcast, The Producer's Journal. A Thumbnail for The Rhythm Section Podcast A thumbnail for a video episode of a podcast called The Rhythm Section.