Logo for WinRate Hall of Fame

WinRate is a company owned by Mike Claudio which offers its clients one-on-one coaching and consulting services. WinRate approached me to design a logo for its Hall of Fame group.

Below are some of the first designs I've made for this group, and a big inspiration for them was the sports-like plaque appearance.

first round of designs for WinRate Hall of Fame

They enjoyed #1, but wanted the colors changed to match their existing branding.

Sample list for Hall of Fame logo

They were pleased with my work and asked me to create two more logos: The Champion Circle logo and the Legends logo.

Both represent different packages that a client may choose from when seeking coaching services.

Logo for WinRate The Champion Circle Sample list for The Champion Circle logo

This final logo, Legends, is their top-tier coaching program; some changes were made to make it appear more elegant and prestige, while also matching the previous designs.

Logo for WinRate Legends Sample list for Legends logo